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Bulls beat Bears to earn bragging rights

Simon Warr, who captained the Bulls, accepts the trophy from Bennie Bennett, club president, watched by Jamie Dunk, centre

The annual end-of-summer match between the Bears and Bulls of Worthing Pavilion ended in victory for the Bulls by 98 shots to 90.For the Bears, Charlie Ward, Vinnie Minter and Jamie Dunk beat Keith Lyons, Phil Crompton and Bryan Bodicoat 21-13. Nour Dissem, Danny Minter and Simon Davey beat Colin Johnson, Geoff Pratt and Richard Calvert 19-13. Dave Thomas, Francis Fahey and John Frew beat Alan Cheeseman, Ralf Kuhr and Simon Warr 17-11. For the Bulls, Roger Dutton, Graham Morrey and Richard Krupa beat George Davey, Colin Davey and Mick Patching 22-5. Richard Williams, Jonathan Gauntlett and Hayden Clarke beat Bennie Bennett, Arthur White and Mark Strong 24-13. Andy Peters, Peter Tomley and Keith Wadhams secured a 15-15 draw for the Bulls by scoring two on the final end against Jeremy Simpson, Ken Chapman and Paul Ward.

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