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Pavilion Bears fight for West Sussex League title!

The destiny of the Division One title in the West Sussex Bowls League will almost certainly be decided on Saturday, when the leaders and their only remaining challengers are in action.

Worthing Pavilion Bears play their final match at home to East Preston A, knowing they will be crowned champions if they can take six of the possible 10 points available. The game starts at 10am, four hours before Tarring Priory play Norfolk A in Littlehampton. Should the Bears lose heavily and Tarring win big, the title will remain in the balance until August 26.

In their latest match Southbourne, last season's champions, defeated the Bears at home by 84 shots to 63, winning on two rinks and losing on two.

Successful rinks for the Bears were Jeremy Simpson, Bennie Bennett, Arthur White and skip John Frew, who won 21-19; and Colin Davey, Charlie Ward, Ken Chapman and skip Alan Vidler, who won 16-15.

Dave Thomas, Francis Fahey, Danny Minter and Simon Davey lost 19-13. Simon Ritter, John Winkley, Paul Ward and Mick Patching lost 31-13.

Southbourne took six points, not enough to keep them in the hunt for the title.

Less than 17 hours later the Bears were back in action, at home to Norfolk A. The hosts were boosted by the return of three stalwarts, Vinnie Minter, Jamie Dunk and skip Mark Strong, who couldn't play at Southbourne because they were busy winning the men's triples tournament at the Bexhill Open.

Victory on three rinks by an aggregate of 99-66 gave the Bears eight points. Jeremy Simpson, Danny Minter, John Frew and Mick Patching won 30-12. Vinnie Minter, John Winkley, Colin Davey and Jamie Dunk won 22-10.

Jim Walmsley, Arthur White, Paul Ward and Mark Strong won 25-20. Dave Thomas, Francis Fahey, Alan Vidler and Simon Davey lost 24-22.

Pavilion Bulls played at Tarring Priory in a game with consequences at both ends of the table. Tarring won 71-68 and with three successful rinks took eight points to extend their title challenge.

Colin Johnson, Bill Muir, Jonathan Gauntlett and skip Tim Baldwin earned two points for the Bulls, winning 22-9. Keith Lyons, Andy Peters, Graham Morrey and Gavin Beven lost 18-17.

Tony Beale, Bryan Bodicoat, Richard Krupa and Warwick Davis lost 17-12. George Rhodes, Richard Williams, Richard Calvert and Andy Clarke lost 27-17.

With two games to play, the Bulls are only three points clear of the relegation zone.

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